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Studio 99 Academy of Beauty & Wellness is a synonym of excellence in beauty training in Delhi, India. The academy is well-equipped with qualified staff & trainers, teachers, experience, expertise, and state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities. It is the academic wing of Studio 99 Salons which is a leading chain of unisex salons, having salon outlets in different cities and towns of India including New Delhi, Kolkata, Madhupur, and Bangalore.

Studio 99 Academy is offering a wide range of courses in the domain of beauty and wellness. We offer short-term, certificate and diploma courses which comprise of both theoretical and practical skills. Our courses have been designed based on the dominant and latest beauty & wellness trends. We boast the best trainers who are responsible for imparting the highest standards of beauty training to our students. We offer the best courses in the domain of beauty and wellness to carving out the best beauticians, makeup artists, and hairstylists in New Delhi.

Studio 99 Academy is offering courses specializing in beauty therapy, nail art, cosmetology, skin care, hair care, makeup, personal grooming, weight management & slimming, and diets health & nutrition.

We at Studio 99 Academy of Beauty & Wellness don’t just educate our students, but also prepare them into the confident and smart professionals who are responsible for making the community beautiful with their knowledge and technical experience. We aim to foster the spirit of wellness, learning, and care among our students and develop confident, smart, and responsible beauty professionals.

Beauty and Wellness industry is a recession free industry. After all, who does not like to look beautiful? With the fast growth of the beauty service sector in India, there is a corresponding demand of trained and skilled beauty & wellness professionals including beauticians, hairstylists, make-up artists, hairdressers, managers, dieticians, and nutritionists.

Obviously, there is a high demand for professionally trained personnel. And Studio 99 Academy of Beauty & Wellness is committed to fulfilling this demand through its widely recognized certificate and diploma courses.

After completion of offered courses at Studio 99 Academy of Beauty & Wellness, students can start their own salon or get employment as beauty therapists, hairstylists, make-up artists, teacher in beauty academy, beauty consultant, salon manager, dieticians, nutritionists, and makeup artists or hairstylists for the fashion industry – television and films.

“Achieve your career in the beauty & wellness industry where you can connect passion with success. Get ready to show your achievements to the world by joining Studio 99 Academy of Beauty & Wellness today!”

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