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The skincare and personal care industry has never witnessed such a radical change. Youth is now considering new cosmetology and skincare treatments with their new fondness for beauty and enhanced perception of one’s look. Gone are the days when they were just oblivious of their self-development . The rising awareness of self-groom and self-care are now well-accepted and widely used.

Job Opportunities in the Cosmetology Industry

This industry is not just restricted to job opportunities in the cosmetologist industry but business opportunities who are considering to establish their own salon. There is also the position of certified instructor which is another rewarding option by getting into the field of cosmetology industry.A cosmetologist can be well-placed in high-end salons, beauty parlors and luxurious hotels/resorts. They are also a huge demand in the world of fashion.

How does Studio99 help in achieving your career in the field of cosmetology?

Clients are directly dependent upon their skills to make them look their best. To gain the considerable amount of trust from client, cosmetologist has to have right qualities of Good consultation and communication skills, creativeness, stamina, dexterity, core knowledge of the effects of different beauty products, proper knowledge about physiology about the skin, hair, and nails, and accurate knowledge of color theory and chemistry of colour.

Do you the meaning of certification of Cosmetology from Studio99?

This means mastering all techniques of the beauty industry encompassing hair parts, nail art, facial, face treatment, coloring, high definitional makeup etc. That being said, cosmetology is the best course offered by Studio99 with the advanced and technically equipped environment and guidance of the most certified experts.

Our Courses include:

  • Haircut course
  • Nail art courses
  • Skincare Courses
  • Chemical service
  • Hair removal
  • Skincare courses
  • Advance makeup
  • High-definition makeup
  • Nail Technicians
  • Hair colour expertise
  • Shampoo technician
  • Laser aesthetics
  • Fashion Makeup
  • Media Makeup
  • Cosmetic chemistry
  • And many more

Apart from all skincare routines that are accessible and easily available in the market, future of cosmetology lies in the hands of hair treatments with global hair loss treatment is projected to witness a considerable growth. This domain of cosmetology is the most uptapped potential with its sheer indivcation of rising indemand of multifarious cosmetology and shall continue to accelate in no time to come.

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