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The beauty industry has never been a better place to be creative. The perfect way of expressing yourself by making others feel gorgeous and picture-ready. With Studio99, lay the foundation of a successful bridal makeup artist by refreshing your skills and prepping your career for a luxurious makeover. With advanced makeup courses, Studio99 helps young artists to set skills one step further and becoming professional makeup artist.

But how Studio99 sets this course stand apart?

The answer is simple. Studio99 always belives in offering hands-on approach and experiementation by keeping a close eye on various industry trends with the availability of beauty products and tools to let you evolve as one of the professionals and well-versed makeup artist. With the help of certified instructors, our advanced makeup course is specifically curated where the candidates can gain in-depth knowledge about the industry which can further help in winning big and leave footprints in the vast world of beauty and wellness.

The candidates can also take advantage of various workshop by getting the benefits of the expertise of certified makeup artists and trainers to let the candidates excel inadv the art of bridak makeup.

Our advanced makeup course and comprehensive training ensure participants to gain practical skills and confidence in bridal makeup application.

Our advanced makeup course is inclusive of 1. everying about skin, type prep 2. Makeup products knowledge, 3. Colour wheel theory 4. Core knowledge of Foundation-corrector-concealer 5.All about eye-makeup 6. Creating different looks 7. Contouring, highlighting theory, 8. Live demo and practice 9. Creating different looks 9. Transfer-proof, ater-resistant, sweat-resistant makeup 10. Everything about hair and hairstyling , and many more.

With Studio99, candidates can gain experience woring with brides from diverse cultural backgrounds, receive personalized guidance nd feedback throughout the workshop. Candidates will learn the necessary skills by combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on training in order to create flawless makeup with the ultimate objective to enhance bride’s natural beauty and make her feel magnifiecient on her soecial day.

So, if you arepassionate about makeup, bridal makeup offers one of the lucrative career opportunities where the demand is increasingly growing. So, the candidate can upskill their genre by bring their passion to Studio99 and learn skills to future-proof their career and succeed in 2023.