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You can create wonders with scissors and comb. Isn’t it?. The career of a hairdresser can be as rewarding as one of the best profeesions in the salon industry. They can be therapists and magicians too. Studio99 is answering the same potential of a hairdresser in India where a candidate from 18 to 55 years can achieve charge of their future.

At Studio99, we offer intensive 4 weeks course to provide a new sets so that they can earn a sustainable inome for a better livelihood. These classes are not restricted to leaning about hairdressing and beauty, they can benefit themselves with motivational trainings and masterclasses because we believe to bring meaningful changes in the community. The brand is committed to empower youngesters because theyr deserve to take change of their future.

This hairdressing course covers hair cutting, hair coloring, Understanding hair & scalp concerns, Hair spa & oil massage techniques, tonging, keratin- treatment, shampooing & conditioning, blow dry setting, hair styling, hair treatments, rebonding, hygiene & sterilization practices, basics of haircuts & colours—for men &women, blow dring, shampoo & conditioning, form & texture, head massage, hair consultation, haircare & retails products, ironing, and client consultation.

This course is perfectly curated for those who lack or have limited access to formal education. Studio99 always supports the undying courage within the youngsters especially homemakes, mothers, and single mothers to believe in them and offer them life-changing opportunities for snipping their way to a better future.